Name: Guru (3 months)
Price: 14.95 USD

Guru perks:

  • A cool tag and prefix!
  • Use /fly in spawn!
  • Use /player nickname to request a nickname change
  • Use /player prefix to request a custom prefix
  • Use /player deathmessage to request a custom death message
  • Use /trails to access rain, blocks, and particle trails
  • Use /trash to discard unneeded items
  • Use /playertime
  • Use /pweather
  • Use /seen 
  • Use /sell hand to sell the items you are holding
  • Use /togglesounds to toggle chat, join and leave sounds
  • Use /stack to compact your inventory into stacks
  • Use /thru in the creative world
  • Use /hat to change your hat
  • Use /kittycannon
  • Change your flight speed in the creative world
  • Create disposal signs
  • Use color codes on signs

Discord perks:

  • View and send messages in #server-messages
  • Access to the #guilds-log channel where you can see when players create or delete a Guild
  • Access to the #ranks-log channel where you can see when players rank-up